Spice of the Week: Celery

Nothing so boring as celery, right? Wrong! This symbol of sadness and death (in ancient cultures at least) is surprisingly multifaceted. Check it out.

The Greek legend of Achilles features celery as a medicine for the hero’s horse. But in today’s Greece, celery as a plant (Apium graviolens) is thought to bring luck. Maybe the luck lies in its medicinal value… celery seeds help alleviate bladder pains and are said to be good for diabetics!

And of course, it’s a staple of today’s cuisine. Be it in soup or salad, celery’s savory flavor always brings something extra to the table. Want to try it for yourself? Or do you want to check out its history in the Biodiversity Heritage Library? Then surf to the BLE

Alternate recipe: Green mustard

1 kg green tomatoes
150 g powdered sugar
2.5 dl vinegar
3 green peppers
2 onions
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
1 teaspoon celery seeds
½ head white cabbage, salt
Slice all vegetables and grind in meat chopper (while raw). Sauté with salt about 15 minutes, season to taste with spices, vinegar and sugar. Pack into jars, close lids tightly and boil. Store in cool, dark place. Serve as a garnish for sausages and hot dogs.

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