BHL-Europe Facebook, Twitter & blog

From the start of BHL-Europe, the project uses a newsletter to inform partners and users about news from the project itself, Europeana, BHL or other related projects. The newsletters are published almost every three months and the next one will be out very soon. To be able to inform people who are interested in the project more frequently and to be able to reach as many people as possible, the communication group started researching the Web2.0 possibilities for the project. As a result BHL-Europe now has a Facebook page since October 2010 and a Twitter account since February 2011.

This blog is a third option to share the most recent news about the project development, news from partners, similar projects, conferences, …

These three channels together with the newsletter will be connected to each other and share the same information (more or less detailed) but will have there own newsflashes too.

Please visit the BHL-Europe news-channels and don’t hesitate to join one of them.