Almost 100.000 items on Europeana!

We are happy to announce new collections available via Europeana.

Via Europeana ( the digital collections of European museums, libraries and archives are easily accessible for everybody. One of the goals of the BHL-Europe project is for people to find the digital biodiversity publications not only via the BHL-portal, but also via the Europeana portal.

A lot of partners are in the process of uploading their digital content to the servers of BHL-Europe. While our technical partners are currently working on and testing the BHL-Europe portal (to be launched in a few months), some of the digital content is already available via Europeana. The newest items include digital publications from Spain, the UK, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Finland. As our partners continue uploading their content, this collection will only grow.

To have an overview of all the 96.595 items of BHL-Europe already on Europeana please follow this link: BHLE-Europeana To have a look at the content from different countries or partners refine your search by selecting one or more countries (see figure) or click on one of the links below.