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Almost three weeks ago, we launched our “Spice of the Week”-series here on the blog. So far, we’ve gotten some great feedback – not in the least on the recipes we publish (here, on Facebook and at the Biodiversity Library Exhibition itself).
This inspired one of our colleagues, Jiří Frank, to don a chef’s hat and create his own recipe for roasted duck and pickled cheese. From the looks of it, the attempt seems to have been rather successful!

If you want to share your own recipes featuring the spices from the BLE, you can always publish them on our Facebook-page. Or better yet, use our Facebook-page to publish pictures of your own culinary creations, or tweet them to us. They might inspire others, or encourage feedback. So do your part! And still to come: the recipe for pickled cheese.

Jiří’s recipe: traditional long roasted duck

1 or 2 ducks (depending on the number of guests)

Clean the duck under water. The duck could be cat on the half or you can keep it whole (depending on how much space you have in oven). I was expecting several guests, so it was the reason why two ducks. But the oven is too small to cover two dripping pens which will be too high with whole ducks. So I cut them on half. After you clean the ducks (you can also put out the blood if you cat the duck on half) wash the meet and the skin by milk. It is an old trick and it will keep the skin very crispy after roasting. Put caraway and salt on the meet and put the duck on dripping pen. At last put a cap of water under the duck, depending on dripping pens size. Put the pen/s in oven, turn it on 105 degrease and leave it for 9 hours without opening the oven. The dripping pen is open, important to mention. After 9 hours the duck will be delicate and crispy with delicious sauce under. Best serve with red and white sour and sweet kraut and dumplings.

Bon appétit …

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