The Biodiversity Library Exhibition: Expeditions

The Biodiversity Library Exhibition is more than just spices. From the conquest of Mexico in the sixteenth century to Charles Darwin’s voyage on the Beagle some three hundred years later, the BLE also welcomes you to relive the greatest and most famous expeditions ever mounted in history..

Currently, the exhibition features 18 expeditions from various periods of time. Each expedition is presented by means of diaries, summaries, trivia and of course the beautiful illustrations that the Biodiversity Heritage Library has become well known for. Just one fine example is The Canadian Bird book, which is linked to Jacques Cartier’s Voyages to the New World, which ran from 1524 to 1543.

If you want to discover all treasures stored in the BLE on expeditions, you better check it out and hit the “Find me in books”-button. But that is not all. Visitors can contribute to the expeditions exhibition as well! If you have a favorite exhibition that is not in there, you can prepare a text (according to the structure used on the website) and send it to us. If it is published, you will be mentioned here on the blog and in the credits on the BLE front page. Texts and proposals can be sent via the contact form. Good luck!

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