Spotlight: The OpenUp!-newsletter

Imagine having the bulk of multimedia data of natural history museums and botanical gardens at the tip of your fingers, without having to get up from your desk. That is exactly what OpenUp! provides through the Europeana portal. To say that it is an exciting project, is quite the understatement.

And just like the BHL-Europe project, OpenUp! has its own newsletter. The second issue has just been published, and we’re very proud to be featured in it. But most of its content of course focuses on the progress that has been made in the past months.

The staggering amount of items already processed is most notable. Through the OpenUp! project, 223,953 multimedia objects have already been delivered to Europeana! Quite a feat, but it’s not over yet. A next harvesting cycle will ingest even more items, which will then be available to scientific, educational and other purposes through the Europeana portal. Of course, this requires an insane amount of work and coordination. An entire recap of the process is also found in the newsletter. Worth a read, if you ask us.

And as mentioned before, we’re in the newsletter too. The last two pages are dedicated to the Biodiversity Library Exhibition. Many thanks to our friends at OpenUp! for the mention!

If you want to subscribe or check out the newsletter online, you can visit the OpenUp! website. The newsletter page is found here.

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