BHL-Europe featured on regional Czech radio

On 6 January 2012, the BHL-Europe project was mentioned in the talk show “Our Guest”, on the regional Czech radio station Český Rozhlas Plzeň. This station covers one quarter of the Czech Republic and is also broadcast online.

The project was mentioned by Jiří Frank senior, the father of BHL-staffer Jiří Frank. Even though he is retired now, Frank sr. is a consultant for the Biodiversity Library Exhibition - a virtual exhibition of the content found in the Biodiversity Heritage Library for Europe. Frank always did have a thing for literature – since his retirement, the former sailor and professional chef cook has become a succesful writer with two published story books!

The goal of the programme was to talk about stories on mariners, spices and modern pirates – but we’re very grateful that he was willing to mention our project on the radio. Thanks!

The two Jiří's with their dogs Šerina (L) and Sára (R) 

Authors: Jiří Frank and Nicolas Van Audenhove

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